Department Of Pharmacology

Overview :


1. Pharmacology is an interdisciplinary field that touches nearly every other area of medicine and explores many aspects of drugs starting from drug discovery and development including its efficacy and safety providing a significant positive impact on human health.

2. The scientific knowledge gained through pharmacologic studies provides a foundation for a number of medical treatments.

3. The discipline of pharmacology is distinct from the profession of pharmacy which addresses more of the formulation and dispensing of drugs for human use.

4. Pharmacologists, however, focus on how drugs (both chemical and biological molecules) interact with biological systems.


257E3A46-9466-42C2-B80E-AB6CD937EF55 - Kirti Vishwakarma

Name: Dr. Kirti Vishwakarma

Designation: Associate Professor & Head

Mobile No. : 8475078175

Date of joining: 18-02-2020

•  MBBS from SMIMS, Gangtok in 2009 and MD Pharmacology from HIMS, Dehradun in 2014.
• Teaching Experience of more than 10 years.
• Publications – 7 International & 4 National Original Research in indexed journals, several review article, case reports, Short communication, letter to the editor etc.

Lifetime Membership 
• Indian Pharmacological Society (IPS)
• Indian Society for Rational Pharmacotherapeutics (ISRPT)
• National Association of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (NAPT).
• Editorial Board member of International Archives of Biomedical and Clinical Research
• Reviewer Board member of the International Journal of Comprehensive and Advanced Pharmacology.
• RBCW Course & CISP course from NMC regional centre resource faculty member of Medical education Unit.
• BCBR Course from NPTEL.

Administravite Profile:
• Member Secretary of Institutional Ethics Committee-ASMC Firozabad.
• Member secretary of Prescription Audit Committee of the institute.
• Coordinator of ADR monitoring centre (AMC) at ASMC Firozabad under Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI).
• Member of core committee of NTEP.
• Member of Cultural Committee, Housing Committee, JR/SR selection Committee, Drug committee etc.


IMG_20200805_173253 (1) - Dr. Rajendra Kumar (1)

Name: Dr Rajendra Kumar

Designation: Assistant Professor

Mobile No. : 9532186006

Date of joining:  09-01-2021

• MBBS from MLNMC, Allahabad and MD (Pharmacology) from K.G.M.U. Lucknow.
• Teaching experience of more than four years
• Publications : 03 research articles in reputed journals.

photo - suruchi prakash

Name: Dr. Suruchi Prakash

Designation: Assistant Professor

Mobile No. : 9756930941

Date of joining: 01-05-2023

• MBBS from Shri. B.M. Patil Medical College & Hospital, Bijapur, Karnataka and MD (Pharmacology) from Rohilkhand Medical College, Bareilly. U.P.
• Total teaching experience of more than 1 year in the subject.
• 01 research article in a reputed journal.

Institutional Roles & responsibilities:
• Supervise the work of Ayushman Mitra
• Prescription Audit Committee: Deputy Member Secretary
• Drug Committee: Assistant nodal
• Pharmacovigilance committee: Asst Coordinator
• Causality Assessment Committee: Member

Dr. Anjali Bansal

Name: Dr. Anjali Bansal
Designation: Tutor
Mobile No. : 9149106863
Date of joining: 04-10-2023
Qualification:  MBBS from KGMU, Lucknow
Total Teaching Experience: 08 Months

Dr. Satendra Singh

Name: Dr. Satendra Singh
Designation: Tutor
Mobile No. : 6495973439
Email ID:
Date of joining: 28-12-2023
Qualification:  MBBS from KDMC Mathura
Total Teaching Experience: 05 Months

Dr. Mohit Yadav

Name: Dr. Mohit Yadav
Designation: Non PG Junior Resident
Mobile No. : 9411972442
Date of joining: 11-03-2024
Qualification:  MBBS from AIIMS, Raipur
Total Teaching Experience: 02 Months


Academic Activities

Establishment of AMC under PvPI

Pharmacovigilance Sensitization Programmes

National Pharmacovigilance week Celebration

Elective Postings for MBBS 

BCME Workshop (Resource Faculty)


• A worldwide demand for pharmacologist has been increasing in recent years.

• Graduates with MD degrees in Pharmacology are the major future workforce in the preclinical and clinical drug safety arena.

• Many graduates are employed in various aspects of medical research in an academic or industry setting, while other graduates continue to pursue additional educational training by entering medical school or PhD programs.

  • A pharmacologist can also deals with pharmacovigilance field including research.


• To foster and encourage the participation of undergraduate students in ongoing faculty-directed research.

• To start PG course in the department.

• To encourage research and development in the department.

• To organize short term programs to enhance ADR reporting culture.

• To organize various academic activities in the form of seminars, guest lectures, CMEs, conferences etc